Condere Halogen Heater 3 Tube with Auto Swing | 1200W


Enjoy effective heating with the Condere Halogen Heater. Featuring three halogen tubes and 1200W power, this heater offers three heating selections for customised comfort. With safety in mind, it includes a tip-over switch and a portable handle for easy movement, all encased in durable polypropylene plastic.

Condere Halogen Heater 3 Tube with Auto Swing | 1200W:

  • Heating Technology: Halogen heater with 3 halogen tubes for effective warmth.
  • Power: 1200W power output for efficient heating.
  • Heating Selections: Choose from 3 heating settings for personalized comfort.
  • Safety Features: Includes a safety switch (tip-over switch) for added peace of mind.
  • Portability: Portable design for easy movement.
  • Material: Constructed from polypropylene plastic for durability.

What’s in the box:

Condere Halogen Heater 3 Tube with Auto Swing | 1200W

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Condere Halogen Heater 3 Tube with Auto Swing | 1200W

Halogen Heater with 3 tubes for powerful heating comfort

The Condere Halogen Heater is a reliable heater designed to provide efficient and adjustable warmth. Moreover, it features three halogen tubes and offers three heating selections to suit different preferences and room sizes.

Halogen Heater suitable for any budget

Setting itself apart with 1200W of power, this heater ensures quick and effective heating. In addition, it includes a safety switch (tip-over switch) for enhanced safety and convenience.

Reliable quality

Crafted from durable plastic, the Condere Halogen Heater combines robust construction with effective heating technology. So, it is designed for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Simple push-button controls and easy to use

Simply plug in the Condere Halogen Heater, select your desired heating setting using the push-button controls, and enjoy immediate warmth. Additionally, the safety switch provides peace of mind during use.

Condere Halogen Heater 3 Tube with Auto Swing 1200W_ZR-3002_2

Perfect for home or office use

Ideal for homes, offices, or anywhere extra warmth is needed. Additionally, this heater blends seamlessly into any space. Moreover, its portable design and effective heating capabilities make it a practical addition to your daily routine.

Power through icy winters in comfort

Experience comfort and convenience with the Condere Halogen Heater. Whether you need to heat up a small space or maintain warmth in larger areas, this heater offers reliable performance and safety features to enhance your indoor environment.

Make it yours!

Transform chilly spaces into cozy retreats with the Condere Heater 3 Bar. So, enjoy customisable warmth and peace of mind with its advanced features. Thus, ensuring comfort and convenience wherever you go.

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Weight1.968 kg
Dimensions14 × 34 × 53 cm


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